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What is Digital Yuan?

Yuan Pay Group is China's official crypto-based currency and the only one backed by the government itself. Back in 2014, China started to develop its own cryptocurrency. Yuan Pay Group worked closely with the Chinese government for years to create this new type of currency. What you see is the current result of their work.

Cryptocurrency has become popular at the turn of the century. It's basically a digital form of currency. One of the main advantages is you can retain value during the conversion process. Depending on the cryptocurrency you use, the good ones don't allow for equal exchange rates.

Right now, in China, Yuan Pay Group is the only approved company to make cryptocurrencies. Back in 2017, China banned sales or exchanges on cryptocurrency for the entire country. They relaxed these laws, recently, since Yuan Pay Group is now authorized to sell this coin.

Yuan is the normal currency in China, so any digital version is still in the infant stages. Yuan Pay Group is the first major company to allow their cryptocurrency on the Chinese market. Depending on where you live, you are now able to exchange your country's own cryptocurrency with China. Now is a good time to invest in the digital yuan, which wasn't possible until now.

Why Invest in Digital Yuan?

Cryptocurrency is a long-term investment for your financial assets. The good news is cryptocurrencies that cannot be duplicated, which makes your digital money identifiable. With Yuan Pay Group, there are a few things you need to know before investing. Digital yuan has a few distinct advantages, namely:

  • The price stays the same
  • Decentralized economy
  • Investments can pay well
  • Completely traceable currency

Digital Yuan is Not Taxed

Taxes can take a lot out of your financial investments. Digital yuan, however, allows you to save money due to a lack of government taxes. How it works is simple; the vast majority of governments worldwide are unable to alter the current price of cryptocurrencies. This rule applies to all forms of cryptocurrency, including the newly-introduced digital yuan. By comparison, physical money suffers from exchange rates, which can be uneven depending on another country's economy. Cryptocurrency has no such issue. If you need digital yuan for Chinese investments, Yuan Pay Group is authorized to make it happen for you.

Decentralized Economy

If you invest with Yuan Pay Group, you aren't relying on the Chinese government. In fact, you aren't relying on any particular government since cryptocurrency allows for decentralized exchanges. You don't need a third party to overlook your transactions, such as a bank looking to take a percentage of your trades. Instead, you can trade your digital yuan without the unnecessary hassle. You also have less risk of potential security hacks. Yuan Pay Group makes any transactions safe and secure.

Opportunity for Financial Rewards in China

Even if you are familiar with how cryptocurrencies work, it's not until recently China allowed the digital yuan into their country. Keep in mind China is the only major country to grow its economy in the year 2020. With the digital yuan taking center stage in the financial world, you now have a chance to invest over there. The government oversees the cryptocurrency over there, but it doesn't rule with an iron fist. Yuan Pay Group lets your digital yuan be yours and yours alone. Now is a good time to make an investment, especially since China is expected to grow with its cryptocurrency.

Transparency with Your Funds

Due to the digital format of cryptocurrency, you can always keep track of how much you have. With Yuan Pay Group, you can check the app to see how much digital yuan you currently own. Physical currency can be easily lost for one reason or another. With digital yuan courtesy of Yuan Pay Group, you never risk losing your money. It's a relatively safe investment that keeps your money secured in one area. Given the decentralized economy of cryptocurrency, you always know where your money goes.

How Does Yuan Pay Group App Work?

Our software is simple and easy to use. The Yuan Pay Group App only requires you to sign up for an account. Once you enter the necessary information, you can log in and use the Yuan Pay Group Chain. Here is what you can get out of your app:

  • There are no fees during the trading process
  • Yuan Pay Group uses a crypto trading license
  • We have top-rated bank approvals worldwide
  • Our company uses software management tools

No Fees

That's right - Yuan Pay Group doesn't charge any additional fees for your trade. One of the main values of cryptocurrency is the lack of taxation for each transaction, especially on an international level. You don't want to deal with extra fees from banks, which is why you cut out the middleman in the first place. Yuan Pay Group understands this importance, which is why there are no fees anytime you use our app. Every transaction you make saves you money in the long run.

International Bank Approvals

We work directly with all the major financial institutions across the globe. If you want to make a financial investment in digital yuan, you can easily transfer it to another bank account. Our system is ideal for users that prefer to get their funds sent directly to their bank accounts. You can do it quickly and easily on our app. We partnered with over 910 banks around the world, with the involvement of all the major countries. Cryptocurrency is a painless process that doesn't take up too much time. In the 21st century, this is a great way to transfer funds.

Software Management Tools

Last but not least, Yuan Pay Group offers the latest software management tools to make your life easier. As previously mentioned, you can quickly transfer digital yuan thanks to our friendly user interface. When you purchase our digital yuan, you can get started in a matter of minutes. Our app is specifically designed for you to take it on the go. Whether it's at home or work, you can check our app and look at your current financial status no matter where you are. All the information is readily available for you to use as you see fit.

Why Now Is a Good Time for Investment
in Chinese Cryptocurrency With Yuan Pay Group?

Yuan Pay Group offers you cryptocurrency based in China, which is a first for the country. There is a lot of potential for an untapped market with digital yuan, especially considering China's economic power. Cryptocurrency can be a crucial investment since your digital funds are easily traceable, and you always know where it is. You don't need to worry about international banks taking a cut of your profits since it's not taxable.

If you consider investing in digital yuan, a good place to start is Yuan Pay Group. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market that fluctuates, so you always need to be careful with your investments. Nonetheless, Yuan Pay Group can safely keep your digital yuan all in one place. Take advantage of the current market in China. There's hidden potential waiting to be explored.


Do you have any further questions about Yuan Pay Group? We can answer them thanks to this handy FAQ - it has all you need to know about digital yuan. With this guide, Yuan Pay Group offers you a comprehensive list of questions and answers. It's always a good idea to see what you're getting into regarding cryptocurrency, especially for an upcoming market such as China.

Below are frequently asked questions you might be thinking about yourself. Hopefully, these clear up any misconceptions. Cryptocurrency takes a while to master, so you must get a head start on financial preparation. Here is the question you need to answer:

What is Digital Currency Electronic Payment?

You might have heard about DC/EP during cryptocurrency discussions. China's national currency is the yuan. For several years, a digital version has been in development - this is also known as Digital Currency Electronic Payment. Banks must convert their yuan savings into a digital variation. Afterward, they can distribute to various businesses through mobile apps. The good news is you can use the Yuan Pay Group to transfer these funds into your new account. The central bank of China is directly involved with payments. When it comes to DC/EP, there is transparency involved in the process.

What Are The Main Benefits of Digital Yuan?

You need to realize the potential benefits you can receive if you consider digital yuan a form of currency. First and foremost, it can actually improve the Chinese economy. With its central bank, China can track their digital yuan much easier. As a result, they can make better strategic decisions involving money. There is also less risk involved with theft when the cash is easily traceable. Without a middleman, the funds are directly sourced to where it needs to be.

Another thing to consider is there are new forms of payment. While cash remains the most popular, we are starting to see changes in how people set up their transactions. For instance, credit and debit cards are popular. With that in mind, digital yuan can make purchases more accessible, especially with QR codes and token systems.

Can Digital Yuan Boost the Worldwide Economy?

It's too general to assume digital yuan can change the world overnight. However, it can potentially boost the Chinese economy, which is the world's second-largest economy. By doing so, it can have enormous effects on the cryptocurrency market.

Basically, digital yuan allows China to bring more people to its banks. Statistically, China's population lacks the means to provide themselves digital banks to keep their money. However, the digital yuan can allow them to participate in the economy directly. With more people involved, the economy of China can be expected to rise. With that, the value of digital yuan also increases, which is beneficial for cryptocurrency. It's a worthy investment to make, considering the future of the Chinese digital currency.

How Do I Make the Most Out of Yuan Pay Group

Cryptocurrency is set to play a big role in the future. Why not get a head start with digital yuan? Yuan Pay Group lets you secure a safe account so you can trade with other investors in the Chinese market. Once you sign up for an account, you can transfer your funds directly to it. There is accountability in every transaction you make, so you don't have to worry about losing your money to a middleman.

The most important thing you need to know is keeping an eye on the market and waiting for the time to trade your currency. Digital yuan updates its price every 15 minutes or so.