About Us

We are Yuan Pay Group

Since 2014, we've developed the first-ever digital yuan for the Chinese market. We remain the only approved crypto platform in China, which was previously banned for several years. Digital yuan is perfectly legal in other countries.

We intend to change China's financial infrastructure with our new coin. Yuan Pay Group continues to work closely with external investors and international banks to provide our cryptocurrency services. Years of hard work have led up to this moment for us.

Our Goals for Yuan Pay Group:

  • We want to change at least 90% of the current yuans into cryptocurrency since the market is there for potential investments.
  • We're hoping to have at least 500 million investors across the globe.
  • We want our coins to eventually have a high value for all traders

Yuan Pay Group was sponsored by Financial Times, which listed China in their top ten list for technological innovations of the 21st century. The publication's editor-in-chief believes digital currency can potentially end criminal activities such as fraud and money laundering. Compared to physical money, digital is less likely to pose a security risk. As a result, we are a viable option for international financial investments.

Digital currency is expected to become the norm within the near future, so now is a good time to make an investment with us. China is set to become an industry leader in cryptocurrency, given its economic power. Yuan Pay Group offers great value in our coins. Consider what we can do for you and your financial investments with our digital yuan.